The American War of Independence 1775-83

suitable decription here... In 1763 the Government decided to introduce a Stamp Tax in the North American colonies in order to reduce the cost of garrisoning the colony. This extra tax burden however had an adverse effect; it was the catalyst, which resulted in the colonists revolting against British rule in 1775.

The 16th Light Dragoons were one of the regiments sent to reinforce the American Garrison. The voyage to America took the Regiment three months in which both soldiers and their mounts lived in foetid conditions, landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia in October 1776. Notwithstanding the terrible conditions suffered during the voyage the Regiment was in action within a week of disembarkation, at the Battle of White Plains.

The majority of the campaign was spent in pursuit of an elusive enemy. George Washington was well aware that his militia army was not a match for a regular army, he therefore fought a 'guerrilla style' war. As a result of American tactics the cavalry were mainly employed in routine patrolling and garrison duties.

The 16th returned to England in 1779 prior to the conclusion of the American War of Independence in 1783.